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business transactions, llc, corporations Employee Benefits For a Small business
do not have to be costly More...

business transactions, llc, corporations Tax Savings for Small and Family Businesses
promote the business and increase wealth for the families of the owners More...

business transactions, llc, corporations Employees vs. Independent Contractors

business transactions, llc, corporations E-Businesses Need Special Attention
EBusinessEsq lawyers provide law and tax help for internet business start-up companies, LLC's, corporations and partnerships. I handle the formation and legal operation of e-commerce and internet ebusinesses.Legal. Accounting, Financial, Taxation and Business help for e-business and business owners. More...

business transactions, llc, corporations Transactional Practice
EBusinessEsqRepresents Businesses
I can help your EBusiness succeed! A substantial portion of my practice is transactional. Typically, I am involved in the structuring, negotiation and documentation of all types of commercial arrangements. This includes the selection of the appropriate structure for the business entity, start-up and financing issues, negotiating leases and business contracts, as well as selecting and working with the other professionals needed to support your business.More...

business transactions, llc, corporations Personal Attention / Network of Experts
Only with a sole practicioner can you get the concentrated attention you and your business deserve. Through EBusinessEsq you can obtain experts in many field of law, accounting, and business. More...
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