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Some businesses overpay the government
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IRS Audits, levies, collections Tax and EBusiness Law

EBusinessEsq is a service of Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax). Counsellor at Law. We have a 25 year reputation in the field of business and tax law. Our practice is personal-based business practice with expertise in areas such as
  • transactions
  • government compliance
  • closely-held businesses -LLCs, Corporations and Partnerships
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • tax planning
  • business advice and planning
Our many clients range from sole proprietorships to joint ventures to limited liability companies to multi-national corporations. We advise our clients on matters involving many facets of business law, including
  • organization and start-up of new enterprises including:
    LLC - Limited Liability Companies
  • negotiation and drafting of contracts and agreements
  • acquisition and transfer of businesses
  • advice and planning for ongoing businesses
  • tax planning
  • IRS audits, tax collections, IRS appeals, Tax Compromises

IRS Audits, levies, collectionsInternet Business and E-Commerce Law

Electronic Business development and E-Commerce can be exciting and rewarding. Unfortunately, many e-business owners ignore the many legal traps of internet business. Simply because electronic commerce is relatively new does not mean fundamental commercial and business laws can be ignored.

IRS Audits, levies, collectionsUnlimited Liability

Even a "simple" web commerce business, MLM, or commercial web site is a business. As a business, the laws of the jurisdictions where the transactions are located will govern the rights and responsibilities of the owner and customer. Unless the business is organized as a Limited Liability Company or Corproation, the owner's personal assets will be subject to the liability of the business.
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IRS Audits, levies, collectionsKnow your Business

E-business is an exciting adventure. Proper legal, tax and business advice is fundamental in establishing any business. The best professional advice is especially needed for internet businesses potentially subject to the taxes and laws of the world! You advisors must understand your business then combine legal advice and business savy to help your E-Commerce business grow and thrive.

IRS Audits, levies, collectionsAreas of Concern

In addition to the normal business requirements, certain areas are subject to increased exposure:
  • Selling products or advertising online requires specific documents and order forms for internet trading.
  • The terms of service must be established.
  • Payment terms can be particularly tricky - especially when there are Charge backs for credit card orders.
  • Disclaimers must be carefully designed to protect sites that publish articles or provide advice.
  • Resolving the legal and regulatory ethics rules and controls for professionals is an increased burden.

IRS Audits, levies, collections Transactional Practice - EBusinessEsq Represents Businesses

We can help your EBusiness succeed! A substantial portion of our practice is transactional. Typically, we are involved in the structuring, negotiation and documentation of all types of commercial arrangements. This includes the selection of the appropriate structure for the business entity, start-up and financing issues, negotiating leases and business contracts, as well as selecting and working with the other professionals needed to support the client.

IRS Audits, levies, collections EBusinessEsq Finds Business Solutions

Lawyers typically are typically divided into areas of practice specialties. EBusinessEsq seeks to find solutions for your business, not to "pigeonhole" your problem into our expertise. We work cooperatively with the necessary other professionals for you to succeed!

IRS Audits, levies, collections Tax Law Issues

In the rapidly changing business environment of the 21st Century, our knowledge of the latest tax laws, as well as the realities of running a modern business, provides EBusinessEsq with the insight to develop realistic long range tax plans for our clients. Business and tax planning requires knowledge of US, State, and local tax laws relating to the business, its principals and employees. Our tax experience emphasizes the formation and representation of LLCs, corporations and partnerships with regard to business start-ups and expansions, including tax consequences related to mergers and acquisitions.We can help you with
  • IRS Audits
  • State tax and labor - employment - tax audits
  • Tax liens and levy defense
  • IRS Collection issues
  • Tax Installment Agreements
  • IRS Offer in Compromise to reduce taxes
  • Tax advice and planning

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