Tax Planning

Planning your business means thinking about the tax issues and complications. The Internal Revenue Code applies to US based taxpayers on worldwide income. State tax issues should be limited to their borders. Nevertheless, because states search for money any way possible, they claim out-of-state businesses have "nexus" or a "connection" with the state and have to pay taxes to them.

STARTING A BUSINESS WITH TAXES IN MIND  Deciding where to form an entity requires an understanding of tax and business law or many states. 

E-Businesses Need Special Attention!    Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax) provides law and tax help for Internet business start-up companies, LLC's, corporations and partnerships. I handle the formation and legal operation of e-commerce and Internet ebusinesses.Legal. Accounting, Financial, Taxation and Business help for e-business and business owners. More.... 

Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax)

Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M. (Tax) Represents Businesses:
I can help your EBusiness succeed! A substantial portion of my practice is transactional. Typically, I am involved in the structuring, negotiation and documentation of all types of commercial arrangements. This includes the selection of the appropriate structure for the business entity, start-up and financing issues, negotiating leases and business contracts, as well as selecting and working with the other professionals needed to support your business. More....

Stopping the IRS

By hiring an experienced tax and business attorney you will be relieved of the burden of personally fighting the IRS and Tax authorities.As an tax attorney with more than 30 years' experience, I will:

  • represent you at all IRS offices
  • respond to IRS demand letters and communications
  • Stop Wage Executions and Bank Levies
  • Obtain reasonable Installment Payment Arrangements
  • prevent the IRS from contacting you
  • confront IRS Revenue Officers and prevent IRS intimidation and mistakes
  • pursue all administrative and legal remedies